Matyáš Petrýdes

Primary focus: IT & digitization of the energy industry, hydrogen economy, energy efficiency.

In EPDOR, Matyáš is mainly in charge of the topics related to IT solutions and digitization in the energy industry. His mission is finding synergies in the areas of IT & digitization with modern energy. He also deals with the themes of hydrogen economy and energy efficiency.

In the field of IT, Matyáš built his expertise working in ETON Business Consulting, for which he created various IT solutions. He also worked in the IT department of AKKA Czech Republic, where he was in charge of the internal helpdesk, management of corporate IT assets, working with databases, and installations and diagnostics of workstations. 

In the past, he also worked at Mubea, developing and manufacturing high-tech products with high added value for major global car manufacturers.