At EPDOR we believe that our clients deserve only the top experts. Furthermore, because our clients want to be better and smarter, EPDOR needs to spend a considerable amount of time attracting excellent minds prepared to work on difficult projects, searching for complex business solutions and win-win results.

EPDOR seeks junior as well as more senior experts. Most of us would agree that starting a job career is not an easy task. EPDOR would be very proud to connect its future with the drive, energy and talents of students and university graduates interested in the area of engineering, international project management, energy markets and innovation.

For more senior positions, EPDOR can offer interesting local and international assignments, job flexibility, compensation, motivating bonus structure and EPDOR stock option program.

To support our activities, we look for team-oriented, hardworking and communicative individuals. While we mainly seek experts for our Prague, Bratislava or Liberec offices, we believe that today's computerized world can overcome any geographical inconvenience.

If you would like to consider joining our team please feel free to contact us, or send a CV to