Key clients

Key projects in clean mobility

Study of the impact of building infrastructure for alternative fuels on energy savings in transport

The aim of the study is to quantify the impact of the development of infrastructure for vehicles using alternative fuels on accelerating the introduction of more efficient propulsion systems in passenger transport with direct impact on reducing energy consumption in the transportation sector.

Study of E-roaming for cross-border charging of electric vehicles

The subject of the study was to propose an implementation model of cross-border charging from a legal and tax point of view. The default situation was a customer subscribed to the E.ON Drive service traveling abroad and recharging their electric vehicle at a foreign charging station.

Product development of charging stations for appartment buildings in Prague

The goal of the project was an analysis and definition of process steps necessary for the implementation of charging stations in apartment building in the capital.

Selected energy consulting projects

Wind farm project support

EPDOR provided the investor with engineering and project management services for the completion of a wind farm project in northern Bohemia, consisting of 13 wind turbines.

Guidelines for energy efficient and intelligent buildings in BiH

The project reviewed the current model of funding mechanisms for the implementation of energy efficiency and innovation measures in the building sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina and proposed an alternative model to support these measures.

Photovoltaics decommissioning study

The study included an evaluation of the current market situation, of the technological state-of-the-art, of existing and potential competition, as well as the existing and planned legislation. Finally, areas where business potential can be seen were identified and discussed.

Energy connectivity of data centres

The aim of the consulting activity was to define a method of connecting the planned data centers to independent and secure electricity sources with sufficient capacity.

Advisory in the field of solar energy development

EPDOR provided the client with consulting services including mapping and a thorough analysis of potential sites for the construction of large photovoltaic parks in the Czech Republic.

Feasibility study of a new steam-gas cycle

For an unnamed client, EPDOR prepared a feasibility study for the construction of a new steam-gas cycle. EPDOR's activities included assessment of electrical power output, control system options, investment and operation costs of the plant and others.

Digitization projects

Evaluation of IoT transmission technologies

The aim of the project was a comprehensive evaluation of existing and emerging IoT communication technologies and an assessment of the possibilities of their use in the field of electricity distribution, such as remote meter reading, seal interruption, fuse interruption, etc.

Digitization strategy project

The aim of the project was an assessment of the current state of digitization in PP and a design of a strategy for further development with a focus on customer support and customer. Emphasis was laid on a maximum user friendliness and application of modern technologies (such as mobile applications, IoT, new products and services, data centralization, structured reporting, etc.)

Implementation of a digital network for IoT

EPDOR provided the client with an elaboration on the concept of technological data collection and processing within the context of ČEZ Teplárenská a.s. operations, with an emphasis on the design and verification of wireless data collection possibilities from existing calorimeters in the distribution network.

Strategic projects

Product portfolio expansion

The scope of the project was the preparation and coordination of 4 workshops aimed to identify opportunities for expanding the product portfolio of the client, in order to achieve diversification and ensure sustainable sales growth. EPDOR acted as a technology consultant.

Business process optimization and design of a business strategy

Analysis of the current business strategy and business process, and a definition of the target state, i.e. description of options for ensuring sustainable growth of the company, securing new opportunities, markets and customers, mapping the potential of markets (domestic and foreign), customers, and products.

Consulting in the field of procurement

The services included an analysis of the current purchasing and contractual strategy, redefition and optimization of the subcontracting process in order to increase the efficiency of the whole purchasing process and reduce risks.

Nuclear projects

Identification of suitable foreign projects

The EPDOR team provided active support in building and maintaining business relations in the region of Germany and the United Kingdom related to the topic of "Decommissioning of Nuclear Facilities".

Consulting in the field of business development on international markets

EPDOR formulated a business development strategy for several international markets (CEE, North Africa, the Middle East) and actively supported the client in business development in the identified markets.

Foreign energy markets expansion support

EPDOR assists ZAT in completing the qualification process for delivery of a control system for nuclear power plants on the French market.