Digitization strategy project

Year of realization: 2017-18

The aim of the project was to assess the current state of digitization in PP and design a strategy for further development with a focus on support and customer service in the following areas: "paperless" contact (web and branches), digital business process solutions (in the sense of "order for a maximum of 3 clicks "), customer zone (portal), account and requirements management, online consumption, direct marketing via sms, electronic communication tools of the future (mobile applications), searching for new possibilities in the field of IoT, SMART HOME consulting, new products and services, diagnostics, active digital communication, PP thinks for the customer, interconnection of existing systems (CRM, ERP, WEB) and data centralization, in-depth data analysis with the aim of structured reporting and efficiency (BIG data), integration of CNG into existing systems, readiness for integration of other products and links with financial institutions.