Evaluation of IoT transmission technologies

Year of realization: 2019

The aim of the cooperation was a comprehensive evaluation of the suitability of existing and emerging relevant IoT communication technologies for the field of electricity distribution. The following cases of application of IoT technology were assessed: remote reading of electricity meters, interruption of seal, interruption of fuse on the distribution, icing on the line, temperature measurement and deflection of the conductor. During the project, the parties clarified the requirements not only for the ability to read information about the status and quantities in the distribution network, but also the requirements for its control and security or management of terminal IoT devices. An evaluation model was developed for the matrix of these cases and individual examined transmission technologies, and on the basis of it the corresponding recommendations. Transmission technologies were evaluated not only on the date of the study, but also with a multi-year perspective, in order to avoid the risk of choosing a technology whose operation will not be possible, for example, for regulatory reasons.