Feasibility study of a new steam-gas cycle

Year of realization: 2020

TheEPDOR team, in cooperation with ŠKODA PRAHA, a.s., prepared a feasibility study for an unnamed client from Central Europe for the construction of a new steam-gas cycle. EPDOR experts assessed options of the output of electrical power, the plant's ability for a black start (using battery storage) or the control system's concept. At the same time, our team put together an estimate of investment costs, including a comparison of gas turbine manufacturers, an estimate of LTSA costs as well as an assessment of personnel costs in the location. The scope also included an elaboration on the supplier model, risk analysis, description of the permitting process or a pre-project preparation schedule. Last but not least, the EPDOR team investigated the latest trends in the energy industry (in the Czech Republic and in Europe) in the context of PPC, battery storage, hydrogen use and existing/planned legislation regarding environmental protection.