Guidelines for energy efficient and intelligent buildings in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Year of realization: 2020

The project entitled "Transformation towards energy efficient and smart buildings" aimed to analyze the current state and potential for improvement in the case of energy efficiency and modernization of the public buildings sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. First, the current model of funding mechanisms for the implementation of energy efficiency measures was reviewed. Based on the findings and in conjunction with the analysis of experience in supporting energy efficiency initiatives in the Czech Republic, an alternative model for financing these measures was presented, taking into account possible synergies between existing mechanisms and proposing a "hierarchization" of the existing structure. This output of the project is to become a springboard for policy makers to discuss a change in the system of support for energy efficiency initiatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A "guide" has also been developed for owners and operators of public buildings, describing the importance of energy efficiency initiatives and describing the process of implementing the measures. In addition to conventional measures and technologies, the guide does not forget about smart technologies such as smart sensors or complex systems. building operation management.