EPDOR s.r.o

We are technical consultants and engineers using automation and information systems in the fields of energy, utilities, chemicals, petroleum & industrial products.


  • Identify and measure market opportunities
  • Propose suitable & innovative commercial strategies
  • Build business cases and product feasibility studies


  • Complete project management outsourcing service
  • Adjusting the phases of the investment process, setting the milestones
  • Undertaking the risk management


  • Services for the preparatory and implementation phase of projects
  • Independent technical and financial studies
  • Schedules of engineering works, implementation and coordination


  • Set-up and optimize the purchasing proces
  • Effectively budgeting the technical parts of the project
  • The timing of purchases


  • Implementation of IT systems for project management
  • Deployment of DMS systems for the internal processes
  • Support of the digitalization strategy

Business development

EPDOR for its customers abroad and in the Czech Republic provides services in business strategy. Effective business strategy requires an analysis of the product, market and customer. Our team utilizes the full range of tools to assess the current business situation including customer communication. An important part of the cooperation is also financial modeling and discussions with senior management about the expected development of the company. The following step is the adjustment and optimization of business processes with the intention to achieve business goals.

EPDOR with the client team assesses the feasibility of the necessary changes, including expansion into new markets, innovation, acquisitions, or a change in the organization. The project outcome is a consensus over a number of measures for which it is necessary to proceed in the short and medium term. If the project requires support in the actual business development, EPDOR support the client in identifying appropriate market opportunities and reaching new customers.


Project management

EPDOR provides project management services for its customers in the Czech Republic and internationally. Our experts work in close collaboration with the client's project team, they use their experience to optimize the project, starting by adjusting the phases of the investment process, defining the proper range, setting the milestones and undertaking the risk management. Our experts can act as consultants during the phase of adjustment before the real implementation or, based on the demand of the client, they can actively participate in supporting the project implementation, to ensure the quality control process and minimize project risks. A significant part of this product is complete project management outsourcing, enabling the clients to quickly gain an experienced project team with comprehensive knowledge. The time saved, which is inevitably needed for the project, along with the necessary personnel results in improved cost efficiency. 



In the field of engineering EPDOR offers services for the preparatory and implementation phase of projects. For the needs of our customers' projects, we are ready to offer services not only to our own experts with rich experience, but also to properly choose and efficiently use large engineering capacity of the broad portfolio of our partner organizations. We also provide services such as independent technical and financial studies, such as the need for detailed business plans, bank appraisals, feasibility studies etc. We also offer creating schedules of engineering works, implementation and coordination, including possible realization of an independent technical supervision of the project. 



In terms of purchasing, EPDOR's team focuses on determining the purchasing strategy. Purchasing is closely related to the management of the inquiry process. The preparation phase of purchasing is often underestimated - both by individual managers, and even by entire companies. A dynamic and innovative approach, both strategic and operational, towards the resolution process of the purchase items, may yield very interesting results in the form of cost savings. At the moment when the supplier sends a request for a quote, it may already be too late.

EPDOR's experts have no doubt that the management of the preparatory phase of the project, from the early stages, is the key to procurement strategy implementation. This includes effectively budgeting the technical parts of the project, assessing the development of the relevant commodity prices, the timing of purchases and the creation of healthy competition in the supply market. A well managed stage of inquiry is followed by a more sophisticated dialogue between customer and supplier, which naturally leads to the identification of other commercial aspects related to the purchase, for example, the agreement of commercial terms of the contract. EPDOR believes that cooperating with the customer to set-up and optimize the purchasing process, in order to maximize value and minimize risk, can be very time efficient and financially attractive.



In the field of digitalization and IT, EPDOR offers the implementation of IT systems for project management, deployment of DMS systems for the internal processes and support of the digitalization strategy. A thorough assignment analysis and scheduling process generates many benefits for follow-up activities. This, in connection with document management systems, process control and project inspection, will create a strong IT framework to facilitate decision making and the daily management of the project. Furthermore, EPDOR provides system integration with IoT solutions for energy and other connected sectors. EPDOR's energy sector know-how provides a solid basis for relevant IoT user cases in the industry. Inevitably, energy transformation will include many IT and IoT solution. EPDOR's goal is to make this energy transformation happen with its custom-made, functioning and beneficial solutions.