EPDOR concludes an energy efficiency enhancing project in Bosnia and Herzegovina under the auspices of the Czech-UNDP partnership


In the context of rapid technological progress and increasingly restrictive environmental policies, and in line with the European Union's maxim of treating energy efficiency as a source of energy in its own right, EPDOR realized a project called "Transformation Towards Energy Efficient and Smart Buildings" that investigated the current state of affairs and the potential for improvement in the case of energy efficiency in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Bosnian building sector was the aim in particular, as it is very energy intensive and the country seems to lack innovative approaches for systematic improvements.

The focus of the project was twofold. First, the existing model of financing mechanisms for energy efficiency measures implementation was reviewed. Based on the findings and drawing on experience with supporting energy efficiency initiatives from the Czech Republic, the authors of the project developed an alternative model, reflecting best practices from the Czech Republic, exploiting possible synergies between the existing mechanisms, and suggesting a 'hierarchization' of the existing structure. The outcome shall serve as a basis for discussion of policymakers regarding redesiging support of energy efficiency initiatives in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Second, recognizing public buildings as a potential flagbearer for and pioneer of building sector transformation in the country, the authors of the project produced a guidebook for owners and operators of public buildings, delineating a journey towards energy efficiency measures and smart technologies implementation.

The project gained significant traction. "The two workshops/webinars, despite having been held online due to the pandemic restrictions, were attended by over 100 participants from the ranks of the governing authorities, international donors, NGOs, private sector, and public building owners and operators. It was exciting to see such interest and we have a great hope our work generated, and shall generate, inspiration and help Bosnia and Herzegovina achieve greater levels of sustainability", says Tomáš Lovecký from EPDOR, s.r.o., the project manager.

We performed the "Transformation Towards Energy Efficient and Smart Buildings" project alongside two local partners, namely WESTPORT CONSULTING D.O.O. SARAJEVO and UDRUŽENJE - CENTAR ZA EDUKACIJU I PODIZANJE SVIJESTI O POTREBI POVEĆANJA ENERGETSKE EFIKASNOSTI - ENERGIS.

The project was financed by the Challenge Fund: Czech Solutions for SDGs, an effective driver of innovation and change in the region.