EPDOR goes green!


Hefty renovations are underway at our nascent energy laboratory in Prague-Vokovice. Brand new, reinforced electrical wiring is being laid into its walls. A photovoltaic power plant consisting of 14 panels with a total output of 4.62 kWp with a hybrid inverter will soon land on the roof. For optimal use of the harvested solar energy we shall also install a LiFeP04 battery system with a capacity of 2 x 3.1 kWh. Last but not least, the system will be complemented by a wallbox, which will charge a new Volkswagen e-up EPDOR has recently acquired! 

We are proud that in addition to our consulting activities we can also contribute to the energy transformation in a very direct and tangible manner. It is important to mentioned that the task of the system is not only to cloath the operations of our company in green. The other task is testing a new product of our subsidiary company AGEMSYS Development, which is going to launch this green electromobility bundle product this year. We keep our fingers crossed for our AGEMSYS colleagues!