EPDOR supports renovation of historical Sokol building in Křivoklát


As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility and support of local communities, EPDOR has decided to support the project of renovating the Sokol building in Křivoklát. This historic building, built in 1924, served as a sports and community center for locals. With its 100th anniversary approaching, we have decided to support its modernization, so that it serves the next generation as well.

On of the main reasons for our supporting the project is the preservation of cultural heritage for future generations. The Sokol building in Křivoklát has a rich history and cultural significance for the region, and we want to preserve its value for future inhabitants. Our goal is also to support the renovation of the building's infrastructure and safety, so that we can create a modern and functional space for various activities.

Peter Szenasy, EPDOR's CEO and also club president of Sokol Křivoklát, says: "We are proud that we can contribute to the renovation of the Sokol building in Křivoklát and together with the local community create a modern space for future generations."

(The Sokol building over the years. Photography sources: 1, 2, 3, 4)

Visit the Sokol's website and learn more interesting facts about the Sokol building in Křivoklát and the renovation project: https://www.sokolkrivoklat.cz/projekt-obnovy-sokolovny/