EPDOR supports the development of hydrogen economy


For EPDOR, hydrogen is a strategic area to which we devote significant attention even on a non-project basis. In the zero-emission energy industry, which is the European Commission's goal for 2050, it will have an undeniable place with a potential to significantly reduce the impact of human activities on the environment. However, in order to make hydrogen a standard part of the world's energy industry, serious efforts are needed, perhaps as vast and intensive ones as those exerted in support of electromobility, spanning from the transnational to the individual level, and both in the public and commercial sphere.

Hydrogen power is not a novelty that has only recently spawned in the imagination of technical innovators. To the contrary, it is a topic that has been present for decades and has never managed to shake off the title "energy of the future", due to the lack of political and commercial will. At EPDOR, however, we firmly believe that recent developments indicate a major turnaround and that the momentum of hydrogen is now strong enough for it to set a firm foothold in the energy industry in the very near future.

Naturally, we are trying to follow this trend as much as possible and with our clients we are looking for ways of establishing them in suitable parts of the hydrogen energy value chain (be it production, storage, transportation, trading, filling infrastructure or sales to end customers).

In order to guarantee the maximum quality of our work, we cooperate with a number of experienced foreign partners. In recent months, EPDOR has established cooperation with SEED Energy, French consulting company modeling complex energy systems with hydrogen (for example, the connection of hydrogen production to photovoltaic power plants). In the field of feasibility studies and preparation of grant applications, we cooperate with SolEngCo, a Germanyy-based company with extensive experience with hydrogen projects.