EPDOR welcomes Juliette Tort, our new intern


We are delighted to welcome Juliette into our team. She joined us at the end of July and during her five-month internship she will be working with us as Junior Energy Transformation Specialist. Juliette is a third-year student at EPF School of Engineering in Montpellier, France. Her interest in science began during her secondary education, which led her to choose a general engineering course at EPF Engineering School, where she acquired a strong foundation in mathematics, thermodynamics, and computer science.

As a member of the Student Union of EPF School, she is an active and involved student, and she is also committed to volunteer work with humanitarian organizations such as Association of Montpellier, where she has managed food distributions for people in need and the organization's stock inventory. This experience has helped her develop organizational and planning skills and she excels in establishing effective communication and teamwork as well.

Juliette wants to invest herself in the development of innovative solutions to meet the energy and environmental challenges of today and tomorrow. Given her passion for social and environmental issues and her determination to apply and develop her skills in the field of energy and environment, we are confident that our time together will be of great benefit.