First phase of Feasibility Study for ZVVZ GROUP, a.s. has been completed


The aim of the Study carried out by a team from EPDOR Innovation is to conduct a techno-economic assessment of fuel base replacement options for a ZVVZ Group, a.s. site.

The site is located in the town of Milevsko in the South Bohemian Region and it supplies heat to a large percentage of its inhabitants. Modernizing the energy sources and adopting a solution focused on maximizing the use of non-fossil alternatives will ensure the long-term sustainability of its operations and compliance with Czech and EU legislation.

The study presents the proposed solutions in concrete terms and identifies a recommended course of action including an action plan for its implementation. The first phase consisted exclusively of assessing the heat and electricity consumption of the ZVVZ site and evaluating modernization strategies that would lead to these consumption needs being covered. The second phase will be concerned with the additional heat consumption of heat consumers in Milevsko.

Thanks to everyone involved for their hard work and excellent collaboration!