Meet Enyaq iV, our new acquisition


With a bittersweet emotion in our hearts, at the beginning of this year we said goodbye to the first electric car our company had owned, the Volkswagen e-Golf, which had been our faithful servant for almost a year. We had not been afraid of purchasing an electric car, our goal was to get a hands-on experience of what is it like to operate an electric car and to what extent the advertised travel restrictions are really a limitation for a company such as ours. 

So what did this experience lead us to do? Given that we consider ourselves ambassadors the electrification of the mobility sector and that we ourselves succumbed to the charm of electromobility thanks to our experience with the actual operation of an electric vehicle, there was only one possible scenario to follow. The end of the charging cable in the parking lot at our office has not yet cooled down, and it is already beeing occupied by our new, and arguably handsome electric friend, the ŠKODA Enyaq iV. 

At the time of writing, we have had it for almost two months and we have to admit we could not have made a better choice. Care for a ride?