Meet our new international acquisition, Lisa Cavagne


We are pleased to announce EPDOR has had the pleasure to welcome a new addition into the team. Lisa Cavagne from Grenoble, France is a student of the IAE Business and Management school at Bordeaux University and shall join our company as an intern for 4 months. Having already graduated with a degree in Organizational Communication, Lisa will primarily focus on marketing and external communication of EPDOR and its subsidiary companies towards the customers and potential partners. 

The most important and challenging task laying ahead of Lisa will be helping AGEMSYS Development, EPDOR's subsidiary developing a smart, green charging product for electromobility, with the preparation for expansion to France planned for the end of 2021 and 2022. Lisa is tasked to carry out an in-depth study of the French market and find out what are the specifics of the market, what are the opportunities and threats, how advanced is the competition, what is the subsidy environment like and last but not least, what is the general posture of the French companies and society at large towards sustainable mobility and green solutions. Once the study is done, Lisa shall devise the best marketing strategy for the French market expansion.

Again, we want to warmly welcome Lisa in the team and wish her best of luck with this new, exciting challenge!