New additions to the EPDOR team


We are thrilled to announce we have been joined by fresh blood! Two young, promising, and undeniably talented individuals have broadened our ranks. We would like to hereby welcome Viliam Kravec and Zein Hammad in the company. In their specific fields of expertise they will participate on or help develop projects focused on energy transformation.

Viliam focuses on energy transformation. Throughout his carrier, he has been involved in many clean energy projects with particular emphasis on the usage of solar energy, biomass, and energy storage systems for renewables. Also, he has been active in the field of transforming the district heating industry, which has to adapt itself to survive in this turbulent era of decarbonization. He is a great professional who describes teamwork, unconventional approach and open mind as the steps towards success.

Zein is an energy engineer who's main focus lies at the intersection of the energy industry and sustainability. In his career, he has been involved in many research projects pertaining to the field of renewable energy. He is particularly interested in the area of photovoltaic systems and carbon emission reduction. He is passionate about finding efficient and innovative ways to produce and supply clean energy to households and businesses and promoting practical solutions for sustainable development.