Phase one of Local energy concept for Mšené-lázně municipality has been finished


EPDOR Innovation has successfully completed the first phase of the Local energy concept which aims to evaluate the possibilities of utilizing renewable energy sources in establishing an energy community. The concept has been developed for the Mšené-lázně municipality located in the northwestern part of the Czech Republic in the Ústecký Region, in the south of the Litoměřice district. The recreational complex Lázně Mšené a.s. located in the municipality offers specialized treatments of the musculoskeletal system. Mšené-lázně and Vrbice, two of the municipality's six parts which take up an area of 13 km2 and are populated by 1 191 inhabitants, are included in the energy concept.

A local energy concept is based on an analysis of the current energy situation, which means that an overview of all local energy sources is created, the energy consumption in a given area is mapped in detail, and an energy balance is drawn up. The balance is provided for the area as a whole, but it is also drawn up in more detail for municipal properties. The first phase of the energy concept involved devising and assessing the possibilities of installing a photovoltaic system on several municipal properties – the elementary school and kindergarten buildings, the Brníkov School building, the community center, and the changing rooms building on the sports ground. Several options were considered regarding the optimal use of surplus energy produced by the PV system.

During the second phase, we will explore the possibilities of installing renewable energy sources such as wind farms or biomass, and future establishment of energy communities.

Our sincere thanks to everyone for their cooperation and we look forward to future developments on the project!