Prague hosted the Czech French Nuclear Industry Summit


The meeting, held on April 4th at Prague's Hotel Kings Court, focused on industrial collaboration between Czech and French companies within the nuclear programs of the Czech Republic, France, and other European countries. The event was organized by the Czech Power Industry Alliance (CPIA), whose members stand as major technology companies in the nuclear energy supply sector in the Czech Republic, together with the French Nuclear Industry Association (GIFEN), the trade association of the French nuclear industry. 

Peter Szenasy, the Managing Director of EPDOR as well as the Vice-Executive Director of CPIA, took the stage alongside fellow representatives from the organizing bodies during the morning segment of the program. Tomáš Ehler, Deputy Director General of the Department of Nuclear Energy and Section of Nuclear Energy at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and Stéphane Crouzat, the French Ambassador to the Czech Republic, also addressed the attendees. In the afternoon, representatives from 22 Czech firms mingled with counterparts from 30 French companies during B2B discussions.

The nuclear sector is expected to play an increasingly important role in decarbonizing the power industry and ensuring stability in the energy sector. Czech enterprises stand to benefit from the many opportunities it offers for international cooperation and involvement in projects of building new nuclear power sources. We see the summit as meaningful step forward in fortifying the Czech–French partnership and promoting closer industrial collaboration between our nations. Looking ahead, we are excited for new business prospects and advancements in the nuclear industry that will emerge as a result!