Revisiting the H2 Meet Hydrogen Exhibition in South Korea


In THIS article, we covered the upcoming trip of Petr Lichý, the Managing Director of EPDOR Innovation, to the H2 Meet 2023 Hydrogen Exhibition in Goyang city, which is part of the Seoul Capital Area in South Korea.

In addition to attending the exhibition, he also toured a hydrogen fuel cell factory at S-Fuelcell Co., Ltd. and discussed the possibilities of cooperation between the company and EPDOR Innovation. At the exhibition, he participated in multiple business meetings and met with the representatives of companies such as Doosan Fuel Cell Co., Ltd. and VINATech Co., Ltd. that are also engaged in developing fuel cell technology and exploring the potential applications of hydrogen within the energy industry.

The exhibition brought together the realms of research, business, and politics, and highlighted current topics and trends on the hydrogen market, such as hydrogen mobility or the fuel cell technology. Given than hydrogen is expected to play an important role in achieving the EU's objectives of phasing out fossil fuels and accelerating decarbonization, the insights gained during the exhibition are invaluable to us. We thank Petr for representing our company!