The Alzheimer Home improves the quality of client care thanks to advanced technology Sensowatch


For the Alzheimer Home in Roztoky near Prague, improving the quality of client care is never-ending process. To increase safety and social comfort, especially during night rest, they decided to involve the most modern technology - the Sensowatch detection system.

Sensowatch is contactless and wireless system for detecting emergencies in residential social services facilities and medical facilities. Thanks to this system, the caring stuff has a constant overwiev of whether any of clients are suffering form nightmare, whether they have not left the room or if they have not fallen. Such information is important especially at night, when presence of nursing or nursing stuff is lower. Moreover, Sensowatch system provides information about temperature or relative humidity of the room, so it is possible to verify at any time, that the comfort of clients is properly taken care of.

The Sensowatch system is actively underway and appreciated by the stuff and managment of the Alzheimer Home. From poit of view of the social worker Mgr. Veronika Brunner system provides with "sense of security and safety, which is neccesary in the Alzheimer Home."

The Sensowatch detection system should soon begin to serve not only in other Alzheimer homes, but also in nursing homes and other care facilities in the Czech Republic.