Our partners at ZAT have prepared  a virtual customer day Zoom At Technology


On Tuesday, 12th of February an annual customer day will take place and it will be clothed in a completely new attire. It is called Zoom At Technology and it will be quite revolutionary. ZAT has prepared a virtual conference with customers, allowing the participants to take advantage of this event conveniently from their office, their house or wherever they choose to participate from.

Zoom At Technology promises the chance to see breakthrough innovations and will allow participants to see the development of control systems for power engineering and industry, IoT and more. The event will be very interactive and a team of experts from ZAT will answer any questions.

Registered participants (the registration option along with additional information can be found at https://www.zoomattechnology.com/) will be given exclusive virtual access to the production facilities which will be transformed into a live broadcasting studio. We hereby appeal on all that are interested in the event to go ahead and register!