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We provide comprehensive consulting, project management, risk management, engeneering, and IT/IoT services to our clients across the industry, both domestically and internationally.

The EPDOR team consists of experienced professionals hailing from different backgrounds and enjoying different types of expertise. Our services cover both the traditional energy sector as well as the field of new energy and innovations relevant for it.

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EPDOR FRANCE supplies IS consulting and nearshore IT Services on the French market, in partnership with the best Czech IT companies.

EPDOR International supply complete solutions in the area of mechanical components and automations for critical applications.

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On Tuesday, 09/10, and Wednesday 09/11, EPDOR attended the Future Port Prague 2019, Czech Republic's largest futuristic festival, to learn about the newest technological trends and breakthroughs and their impact on the economy, business, and society. At EPDOR, we believe that Fortune favours the bold and that it is important to constantly explore...

Last week, EPDOR attended third annual Cloud&Heat summer festival. Our partners from Cloud&Heat produce data centres, which they effectively recover waste heat from and use it, for example, to supply the client's facilities with heat. The event, organized for Cloud&Heat personnel, companies or students interested in the technology produced by this...

EPDOR is proud to announce a new acquisition. We are to be joined by Ms Clémence Gregoire, a student of engineering from France. During her internship with us, she will primarily focus on the topics of hydrogen and its application in the energy and transport industries, as well as innovative approaches to photovoltaics. We are delighted to welcome...

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