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EPDOR provides comprehensive consulting, project management, risk management, engineering, and IT/IoT services to our clients across the energy industry, both domestically and internationally.

The EPDOR team consists of experienced professionals hailing from different backgrounds and enjoying different types of expertise. Our services cover both the traditional energy sector as well as the field of new energy and innovations relevant for it.

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EPDOR FRANCE supplies IS consulting and nearshore IT Services on the French market, in partnership with the best Czech IT companies.

EPDOR International supply complete solutions in the area of mechanical components and automations for critical applications.

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We are sending big congratulations to our colleague Marek Paneš and his Sensowatch for being awarded with grant financing via Prague Voucher. Sensowatch develops smart IoT solutions for healthcare and social services sectors, focusing in particular on emergency situations early detection systems. At the moment, it is about to launch a project with...

Recently, EPDOR held a half-year meeting, summoning the management of the four entities currently falling under the EPDOR umbrella. The meeting with our colleagues from EPDOR International, EPDOR France, and Sensowatch was, as usual, very jovial, and we were delighted to share the most important news regarding our most recent endeavours, discuss...

Some traditions cannot be subdued, even if a global pandemic tries its best. The Malá Křivoklátská Forest Run is a popular sporting event, which is slowly but surely treading towards its 50-year milestone since it was found, and despite the unfavorable circumstances that befell any such event, it will add a forty-eight a candle to its birthday cake...

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