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We provide comprehensive consulting, project management, risk management, engeneering, and IT/IoT services to our clients across the industry, both domestically and internationally.

The EPDOR team consists of experienced professionals hailing from different backgrounds and enjoying different types of expertise. Our services cover both the traditional energy sector as well as the field of new energy and innovations relevant for it.

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EPDOR FRANCE supplies IS consulting and nearshore IT Services on the French market, in partnership with the best Czech IT companies.

EPDOR International supply complete solutions in the area of mechanical components and automations for critical applications.

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Today, it has been precisely six months since Tomáš Lovecký, our current Chief Operations Officer, joined our ranks. He has brought fresh wind air into our sails, enriched the company with innovative ideas, and worked hard to prove his worth despite his young age. We are very happy to have him on board!

Last week EPDOR invited clients and partners to a garden party event at the premises of our energy "laboratory" at the outskirts of Prague and we have to say we found it very pleasing. The spirit of the party was clear - generate your own energy (we had a small island set of photovoltaic panels that powered the TV screen,...

Having been built for the needs and purposes of the world that is inevitably fading away, the power distribution system needs to undergo modernization to meet the challenges that lay ahead. To learn more about the recent developments and future plans, EPDOR went right to the source as our colleagues attended the annual Elektrizační soustava 2019...

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