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EPDOR provides comprehensive consulting, project management, risk management, engineering, and IT/IoT services to our clients across the energy industry, both domestically and internationally.


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We aim to change the world. For the better.

We are committed to a vision of the future in which energy is abundant, affordable, and sustainable, meeting the highest standards of efficiency and reliability. It's a future where technological advancements and economic prosperity align with public interest. A future we're proud to leave for future generations.

Let's transform energy; let's change the world. Together, we can make it happen.

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What do we offer? 

Technical advisory

Energy transformation is key, but the path to it is not easy. We are at your disposal for all phases of its process, from the compilation of a master plan, through the elaboration of feasibility studies to the provision of suitable suppliers and the implementation phase.

Project management 

We will comprehensively handle almost any energy project for you. From smaller pilot projects to large-scale transformation projects. We are competent, professional and, if the situation requires it, we can adapt and learn quickly.

Business development

Our experts enjoy many years of industry experience from the Czech Republic and abroad, and during their career they have built a wide network of contacts, thanks to which they are able to find the right clients or markets for your products.

Strategic consulting

The right strategy is the key to long-term success. We will help you define the main goals of the development of your company, identify problems, suggest ways to solve them and then direct you to long-term prosperity.

Analyses of commercial and legal requirements

We partner with a legal firm specializing in energy law, ensuring seamless compliance with the legal intricacies of both Czech and European legislation. Seasoned experts in energy law guarantee comprehensive adherence to all legal and regulatory standards.

Supply of technology

Our services extend to providing assistance in supplying state-of-the-art technologies, spanning from compact devices to sophisticated systems. Our product lineup is centered around innovative energy solutions, emphasizing alternative, emission-free, or low-emission energy sources.



What to expect from us


We rely on a high standard of work ethic, maximum quality of our outputs and responsibility for results. We act flatly and are not afraid to say unpleasant things to our clients.

Complex approach

When we do something, we do it properly. Our senior experts provide solutions that leave no questions unanswered. The more complex our work, the easier yours.


We bring our clients know-how about the latest technological trends. We work with leaders in technology industries and seek synergies between their products and the needs of our clients.

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