Andrii Mozhar


  • Bc., Czech Technical University in Prague
  • Ing., Czech Technical University in Prague (ongoing)


  • Czech
  • Russian
  • English

Expertise: Mechanical engineering, Renewable resources, Data analysis

Andrii Mozhar is primarily focused on assessing the possibilities of implementing innovative development of objects or areas from the point of view of savings and energy efficiency. It deals with the design of sources in the form of heat pumps, PV panels and highly efficient combustion equipment using the possibility of combined heat and power production. His main task is the creation of financial and technical models of individual concepts of energy sources in order to design an optimal solution with regard to the location and the current state of the market.

He is currently a student of the master's program of FS CTU in energy and process technology. During his bachelor's studies, he gained experience in the design of a source for central heat supply while respecting current ecological trends in the world. He wishes to apply his professional knowledge and responsibility in the development of the company and to gain more practical experience closely linked to his studies.