Who are we

Energy Project Development ORganization

We are a consulting partner focused on the energy industry

We are

a company based in Prague, Czech Republic

We are

a team of senior experts in technology, investment, and project management

We are

international, providing services to clients all around the world

We are passionate about new energy

Innovation is crucial in any industry and this maxim is even more true for the energy industry. We are bringing the recent technological breakthroughs to our clients and help them make the most of it, whether in terms of increasing effectivity, boosting technological credit, improving social and environmental responsibility, or decreasing costs in the long term.

To ensure top-class services backed by the best possible know-how of the technologies, we establish relationships with prominent suppliers and research institutions that lead the way in the particular fields.

We are interested primarily in the following topics:

Energy efficiency

In a world where natural resources are becoming increasingly invaluable and where consumption is constantly growing, the best way to continue to satisfy our needs is to use energy efficiency as a full source of energy. .

Hydrogen in transport

The fuel of the future is not just electricity. Despite the slow start, hydrogen is here to be reckoned with. We need to enhance hydrogen infrastructure and diversify our energy future.


We are environmentalists through and through. Therefore we are supporting green sources of energy and help our clients in their development.

Internet of Things

Data is key and technologies of their collection and visualisation are pacing forward. Besides deployment of IoT in the energy industry we are interested in concepts such as smart factory or smart city.


Despite the fact that large scale advent of electromobility seems to be a matter of years, there is still a lot of work to be done regarding its supporting infrastructure, which is something we primarily focus on.

Battery systems

Accumulation of energy is the evergreen of our day. We are looking into ways how to make the most of the renewables, as well as equipping traditional power plants with these energy storage technologies

3D printing

Compared to standard production 3D print offers a number of advantages (e.g. rapid prototyping) which make it find its way in many industries. We are striving to make the energy industry one of them.

Drone technology

The revolutionary potential of the drones requires no need to be elaborated on. We are looking not only at their remote control and monitoring potential, but also at the possibilities of their integration with other technologies (such as thermal vision).

Autonomous Driving

While there has been a plethora of pilot projects involving autonomous vehicles in Western Europe, the situation in the CEE region has been rather different. We are trying to open the door for this concept.


The pressure exerted on emission reduction has been a very positive "European" trend of recent years. We help our clients minimize the emissions, in particular mercury.


A concept solving the issue of waste production and environment-friendly source of energy. Two birds with one stone! We would like to see this technology become a standard and not only an ecorarity.

Yet we are well-versed in the traditional energy sector

Despite our focus lies mainly with innovation, we have got plenty of experience with the traditional energy sector.

Our colleagues hold positions as managining authorities of major companies, managed international investment projects and sizeable project teams, defined purchasing strategies, directed controlling projects, participated in the development and constructions of different types of power plants and energy facilities.

We have experience with projects in:

Thermal Power Plants

Nuclear Power Plants

Steams-Gas Power Plants

Heating Plants

Our services

In both new and traditional energy sector, we provide a range of services:

IT/IoT Solutions

Business Development

Feasibility Studies

Purchasing Strategies

Project Management

Risk Management

Cost Estimations

Technical Advisory

Financial Controlling

Engineering Services



Energy Innovations

Legal Analyses (energy)