Energy transition of your fleet

What is the likely development in the future ? Many European cities or countries have implemented policies to reduce the number of polluting vehicles in their streets or even ban them altogether. What kind of pressure exerted on companies operating in the european capitals (whether legal or financial) can be expected in the upcoming years ? ​ That's why we want to support you in this transition.

Understanding your needs

We will find out what are the distances covered by your cars, what is the behaviour of your drivers, what kinds of trips do they make and whether there are exploitable patterns.

Market analysis

Based on your needs, we will recommend what are the key criteria to choose an electric car upon and which cars are the best fit.​

Infrastructure requirement

We will study your infrastructure requirements (building examination, charging options, expecting works).

Economic analysis

We will assist you in your search for financing and carry out an economic analysis of the project.

Partner evaluation

We will seek partners with the objective of implementing a sustainable, ecological and economical solution.

Marketing campaign

We are ready to support your company in finding a suitable partner for communicating the message and assisting them throughout the process.​