Innovations week

What is it about?

The Innovations Week is an annual event organized to support and promote innovation in the Czech Republic. The main event, consisting of an innovation fair, international conference, and plethora of vocational seminars, will be held on Monday, the 20th of May in Forum Karlín in Prague.

During the entire week until the 27th of May over 100 ancillary events will be held all across the Czech Republic. And one of them is being prepared for you by EPDOR!

Hence, we would like to invite you to our very own

Afternoon carbon-free
garden party featuring
EPDOR innovations in energy

June 20th, 14:00 - 18:00 (CONFIRMED)
Osamocená 436/16, 160 00 Praha 6-Vokovice

We welcome everyone who is passionate about innovations in the energy sector to an informal meeting in a cosy garden right by our small but proud "energy laboratory" in Vokovice. Since we firmly believe it is an indisputable responsibility of each and every one of us to treat the environment in the most considerate and sustainable manner, we would like to get our visitors acquinted with the technology that should helps us do just that.

In order to live up to the ambitious title of our event and, at the same time, demonstrate we can even party in an environmentally friendly manner, all energy consumed will have been produced by a renewable source and not a single atom of carbon will be emitted during the event!

We would hereby like to ask all incoming participants to either use the public transportation or to come over on a bicycle, on foot, or driving an electromobile. As for the electromobile drivers, we feel obliged to inform them that driving over means they strip themselves of the opportunity to have a glass of a refreshing drink with us ...

What should you look forward to?


Come and learn how IoT works, what are drones capable of, what is a wallbox or what Cloud & Heat has to offer.


Informal, relaxed environment will provide you with a great opportunity to establish new connections and ask curious questions.


Both our partners and we will be fully at your disposal should you want to learn more about the presented technologies.


Whether you are a staunch vegetarian or a bratwurst connoiseur, you can look forward to refreshing snacks.


And, in order to loosen up and get comfortable, we will offer little something to drink.

Are you interested?

Confirm your attendance in time! Unfortunately, our garden is not inflatable and although we would like to meet with as many of you as possible, the event's capacity is limited to 35 attendees.

You cannot attend but ...

... you are interested in innovative technologies and their application in the energy industry or you would like to meet one of our partners and learn more about their products and solutions? Message us and we will talk about the next steps.

Where will you find us?

Osamocená 436/16, 160 00 Praha 6-Vokovice

Phone number
+420 720 977 646


Attention: parking opportunities are very limited in this location.