A closer look at the PV system at our Osamocená company office


Reduced energy costs, energy independence, environmental consciousness – those are the most common reasons for installing a photovoltaic system. Component longevity and a renewable source of energy – sunlight – guarantee long-term efficiency and a return on the investment in a solar power system. Both solar panels and inverters are recyclable, therefore their disposal does not cause any significant harm to the environment, which is in line with our commitment to always stand for sustainability in the fight against climate change.

The PV system on our Osamocená office's rooftop has provided us with a reliable supply of energy for over two years. Our 4.62 kW rooftop solar power system with 7.1 kWh battery capacity was installed in 2021 and has since produced 10,819.70 kWh. The average monthly output is 193.4 kWh. The generated power covers approximately 50 % of the building's energy consumption, the PV system therefore provides partial energy self-sufficiency and independence from the power distribution network. The energy from our solar panels also powers our ŠKODA Enyaq iV electric car. The system is easy to maintain, and a real-time overview of the system's operation is readily available on an online monitoring app.

If you are considering investing in a PV system, don't hesitate to get in touch with us, we will be more than happy to share our insights and experience.