EFEKT study: workshop with the Ministries of Industry and Trade, Environment, and Transport


For over a year, EPDOR has been conducting a study dealing with quantification of energy savings stemming from the implementation of infrastructure for alternative fuels for the Ministry of Industry and Trade. On the 15th of February, we held a workshop with representatives of the contracting authority and other ministries, specifically the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Transport. The aim of the workshop was informing the interdepartmental audience about the innovative concepts and approaches on which our proposed calculation mechanisms for standardized reporting of energy savings in electromobility lie, obtaining valuable feedback and, last but not least, discussing the broader context of electromobility and its planned support at both national and European level. Many thanks to all participants for their attention and for the fruitful discussion that ensued. We firmly hope that the workshop met everyone's expectations.

The study entitled "Proving the impact of the development of infrastructure for alternative fuels on accelerating market penetration of more efficient propulsion in passenger transport with a direct impact on reducing energy consumption in the transport sector" is funded by the State Programme for Supporting Energy Savings for 2017-2021 - Programme EFEKT II for 2021.