Energy concept for Brozany nad Ohří sports hall


We have developed an energy concept for a sports hall in the Brozany nad Ohří municipality located in northwestern Bohemia. The concept was based on the renovation and remodeling design of the sports hall provided by the company Legner Görner architekti s.r.o. The new look was designed so that the facility meets all requirements for a passive building status. We ran an analysis and a techno-economic assessment of various realization options that would lead to the requirements being fulfilled. We considered a suitable weatherization method, a heat recovery ventilation system, up-to-date heating elements for heating up the building and the non-potable water supply, and a rooftop photovoltaics system. At the end we provided a concluding recommendation of an appropriate strategy to ensure that the facility meets the passive building standards.

Take a look at the architectural design of the sports hall and surrounding area in the gallery below: