Energy transformation of Brozany nad Ohří


In collaboration with the representatives of the town Brozany nad Ohří in the Ústí nad Labem region, the EPDOR team is working on a study examining the potential of selected projects to increase the energy self-sufficiency as well as support environmental friendliness of the town's energy operations.

The goal of the study is an in depth evaluation of whether the selected projects are technically and economically viable. The following projects are being considered: micro hydro-pumped storage installation, biomass potential evaluation, construction of an agrivoltaics farm, measure proposition for particular objects owned by the town, especially photovoltaics and heat pumps for the sports complexes, school and kindergarten objects or selected apartment blocks. Last but not least, the goal of the study is to evaluate the ways in which it will be possible to develop the town's energy operations in the context of energy communities, whose legislative forms will take concrete shape in the coming months and years.

The project works are under way and preliminary results should be presented to the town's representatives at the end of November. We are delighted to be able to help progressive towns such as Brozany with their sustainable energy development and we believe that the town will harness as much as possible from our work.