EPDOR at a conference on the future of the Czech energy industry


On Monday, February 28, EPDOR representatives attended a conference called (In)Dependent Europe and its Energy Prospects for the Near Future, organized by the Institute for Politics and Society. In the breathtaking surroundings of a baroque gem that is the Kaiserštejnský Palace in Malá Strana, three panels full of leading energy experts, former government ministers, representatives of the energy business as well as the non-profit sector addressed the most pressing questions of the present day. 

The subject of the conference became all the more important with the unraveling of the dramatic developments in Ukraine, and therefore the energy future of the Czech Republic and Europe was discussed not only in the context of the (hopefiully receding) global pandemic, but also in the context of the military conflict in the neighbourhood of the European Union. 

The key questions that had been answered at the conference were, for example, to what extent is it possible for the Czech Republic to dispose of energy supplies from the Russian Federation, whether the citizens of the Czech Republic are really at risk of facing energy poverty, whether it is possible to devise a fair compensation mechanism for higher energy prices, what is the future of the nuclear industry and whether it should take precedence over renewable energy sources, or, last but not least, what is the future of the Green Deal in Europe. 

The discussion was fascinating and we would like to hereby thank the organizers and all the speakers for, despite the graveness of the topic, a very valuable and pleasant experience.

Last but not least, we hope that the reprehensible Russian aggression in Ukraine will end as soon as possible and that Ukraine and its citizens will not only regain peace and freedom, but also receive adequate support from the rest of the world, which they undoubtedly deserve. We are standing with Ukraine.