EPDOR at All for Power Conference 2019


EPDOR representatives had the pleasure to attend yet another energy event orgnaized by All for Power, the annual international All for Power Conference 2019, which offered a number of very interesting talks and panel discussion, allowing prominent energy experts voice their opinions regarding the state of Czech and global energy sector. The conference covered topics as wide as the general direction of the Czech energy sector, analysis of the energy sector developments in neighbouring countries, power and capacity sufficiency of sources in the Czech Republic after 2035, the perspectives for energy industry, traditional energy and heating sector,cyber security and the supply chain, and last but not least decentralized energy sector, accumulation of energy, co-generation and emission trading. 

At EPDOR, we are well aware the green transformation of the energy sector is necessary, but it has to be conducted in a way that assures the Czech energy sector is able to provide energy in a reliable and stable way to the ever increasingly demanding market.