EPDOR at the International Engineering Fair 2021 in Brno


The International Engineering Fair is the most important industrial fair in Central Europe. Therefore, it tops the list of events our representatives simply cannot miss out in. There is a significant overlap between the focus of the fair and the fields of interest of EDPOR. For example, we are intrigued by the areas of production digitalization, new approaches in the management of material resources, renewable energy sources, or technologies enabling the smart grid concept. 

However, the primary purpose of our visit was attending the seminar titled "Hydrogen - the way to economic transformation", which we were invited to by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. The seminar, which took part in the Czech National Exposition, Czech Republic: The Country for the Future, featured top-tier Czech experts in the field of hydrogen economy, including representatives of the state establishment, specialists from research&development organizations, as well as experts from the commercial sector. 

We are very pleased to have been invited to this event. It was a great honour to listen to the lectures and discussions regarding the topics of hydrogen mobility, hydrogen production, transport and distribution, the concept of hydrogen cities and hydrogen valleys, the available or planned hydrogen technologies and, last but not least, the state of research and development. 

We believe that hydrogen is an integral part of the future of the Czech, European and global energy sector and we hope that we can continue pave the way for this technology.