EPDOR becomes a partner of the BEZ KULTURY TO NEJDE 2021 event


EPDOR is pleased to announce that this year it will be a partner of the cultural event BEZ KULTURY TO NEJDE (which loosely translates to "THE WORLD CANNOT BE WITHOUT CULTURE"), which will take place at the end of November at Křivoklát. In these difficult times, we understand it our duty to take a break from focusing on the energy sector for a little while and support artists and interest in artistic creation in general.

The event will support the work of the artist Zuzana Mašínová and photographer Oldřich Karásek. We will also build upon last year's collaboration with Vítek Grigartzik, having cooperated with him on the Noir Film Festival. This time, a film called Tony Arzent will be screened.

We look forward to sharing some moments of high culture and worldly indulgence with all invited participants, be they from the ranks of our colleagues, clients, partners or friends. See you at Křivoklát!