EPDOR develops a pumped storage PP project near Ústí nad Labem


EPDOR continues with further preparations and development of the lake Milada pumped storage power plant (PVE) project for a private investor from the Czech Republic, and its mandate has been extended for another period. The project is located in the vicinity of lake Milada, which was created by flooding the mining pit of the Chabařovice lignite mine, near Ústí nad Labem, in an artificial environment heavily affected by industry, where recultivation works have been subsequently started. The intended power output of the plant ranges in size from 50 to 100 MW of installed capacity.

The subject of the EPDOR team's efforts is mainly the preparation of the investment plan and the necessary documentation for a detailed technical and commercial feasibility study, communication with stakeholders and the transformation of the project documentation into the requisite form and standard for securing project financing, as well as entry of potential co-investors. The goal of our efforts is also to ensure the recreational and tourist function of Lake Milada is respected as much as possible. Also, our experts aim to contribute to the development and sustainability of the lake and its surroundings. From the energy point of view, it is the production and accumulation of energy and synergistic function with other existing or future renewable energy sources in the region of northern Bohemia. Last but not least, an important feature of the planned source is balancing the grid, as a counterforce to the renewables, as it can provide a reliable and predictable energy flow.

Included in the scope of this long-term project is harmonizing the interests of stakeholders in the geographical area. The shared expectation is, among others, an increase in the security of electricity supply and the possibility of a quick response to the eventual failure of the grid in this part of the Czech Republic where many of the fossil fuel powered source are beeing laid off and many RES are planned to be commissioned. Last but not least, the site is one of the few truly suitable for such installation, where the lower lake has already been created, due to the elimination of the consequences of mining activities on site.

EPDOR experts also cooperate with independent experts, including foreign and those who are directly from northern Bohemia.