EPDOR expands with new office space and exciting team growth


The EPDOR office space at Osamocená has been expanded with the addition of another floor, providing a dedicated working space for four team members. We have crafted an environment that promotes collective creativity, cooperation, and interaction, including meetings, while also supporting individual work that demands focused effort. The new multifaceted office space caters to both creative productivity and moments of relaxation.

Naturally, we are always mindful of ecological considerations and adherence to green office standards. As a modern and socially responsible company, we actively contribute to the energy transition and strive to minimize our environmental footprint in an effort to safeguard the well-being of future generations. We are constantly looking for ways to increase energy efficiency and decarbonize our day-to-day activities. About 50 % of the energy we consume is generated by our rooftop solar power system. The synergy of photovoltaics harvesting solar energy, battery storage optimizing power usage, and a wallbox facilitating our ŠKODA Enyaq iV electric vehicle charging creates a sustainable and efficient ecosystem.

We take pride and joy in having created a pleasant, professional and functional workspace where colleagues will enjoy gathering and working together. And we are also hopeful that we'll soon welcome new faces to go with our new office!