EPDOR expects 92% growth in turnover this year


Recently, EPDOR held a half-year meeting, summoning the management of the four entities  currently falling under the EPDOR umbrella. The meeting with our colleagues from EPDOR International, EPDOR France, and Sensowatch was, as usual, very jovial, and we were delighted to share the most important news regarding our most recent endeavours, discuss our strategies (both in the short, COVID-19 disrupted term, and long term horizon), and talk about financial results and forecasts. 

Despite the pandemic, EPDOR has proven to be resilient, which is testified to by the fact the numbers are looking exceptionally well. As a group, we are expecting to grow by 92% in turnover by the end of the fiscal year compared to the previous year.

Pacing towards the 6th year in business, we are delighted to observe continuous, double digit growth throughout our relatively short history. Our medium term goals are bold, but we do not shy away from a challenge. By 2025, we are targeting the CZK 100 million threshold, and if we manage to keep the current pace, we have no doubt we will turn that goal into reality.