EPDOR helps the UN fufill Sustainable development goals


At EPDOR, we take social responsibility seriously and we actively engage in innovative projects that have positive impact on society and the planet. We are currently working on a project under the auspices of the UN Development Program, main goal of which is providing Czech know-how and experience to inspire debate regarding and development of energy efficiency in the building sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Our efforts have been rewarded by a nomination of our project for the UN Sustainable Development Awards in the category of Business. Although we did not manage to reach the podium of victors, we are proud of our work and considering the fact there has been a record number of nominees (staggering 266 projects), we are far from despairing. To the contrary, we are pleased to see that despite the difficulties of the current situation regarding the COVID-19 virus and its portentous impacts on business and society, the issue of sustainability continues to resonate.

More about the UN sustainable development goals can be found here.