EPDOR is preparing a study of energy saving measures for the Křivoklát Primary School


Energy efficiency is a source of energy in its own right. This motto has been coined by the European Union which has since encouraged individual Member States to pursue policies supporting implementation of energy saving measures. In cooperation with the representatives of the City of Křivoklát, we are trying to fulfill this vision. At the moment, we are preparing a feasibility study of various energy saving measures to help the local Křivoklát primary school reduce energy consumption, reduce operating costs and generally increase comfort for students, teachers and other staff. 

In the study, we will assess the current state of the building, evaluate all technically feasible measures (including low-cost ones), provide an estimate of the required investments as well as an estimate of revenues against current operating costs related to energy consumption. We will then design an optimal and feasible combination of measures, which will be characterized by an acceptable amount of investment with the maximum achievable amount of energy savings. Last but not least, we will also propose a method of implementation, find suitable financial sources and select a financing model for the selected combination of energy saving measures. Last but not least, there will also be an action plan with a detailed list of necessary steps and activities. The study will be largely financed by the EFEKT grant program administered by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic. 

We believe that the cooperation with the City of Křivoklát will continue to be fruitful and pleasant and that we will be able to complete the study to the maximum satisfaction of the client.