EPDOR organizer of the Nuclear Day in Paris


On June 16th, EPDOR was in Paris for the Nuclear Day co-organized with the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Paris.

This day, initiated by EPDOR, gathered the most important actors of the French and Czech nuclear industry who met and discussed together future cooperation projects.

These last years the nuclear industry is evolving a lot and new stakes are appearing since the European countries and notably France and Czech Republic understood and assume that the ecological and energy future passes by the nuclear power.

A lot of people were present to discuss the future of nuclear power, including the Czech nuclear players; ZAT, ŠKODA JS, SIGMA, Řanda Havel Legal, ÚJV Řež, Czech Nuclear Society and Czech Power Industry Alliance and the French players: EDF, Framatome, Engie, Bouygues, Bilfinger SE, Ekium, SETEC, Georgin, LEMER Foundry and finally GIFEN.

During the day, many subjects were discussed and we can imagine some great projects in the future :

  • The refurbishment of the control system of the Dukovany nuclear power plant
  • The development of equipment and components for the EPR nuclear power plants and more particularly the EPR1200 reactor type
  • Long-term partnerships with a local approach
  • Maintenance of nuclear power plants and especially their recycling.

EPDOR, after having initiated these meetings, hopes to follow these future collaborative projects by participating and contributing its expertise at all levels and especially by helping these projects to become concrete and to further advance the nuclear industry.