EPDOR representatives at the Electricity System 2020 Conference


If the energy transformation is to be successful, all parts of the energy sector including the transmission and distribution system must be transformed. Naturally, to ensure safe operation of the grid, efforts aimed at strengthening and rebuilding lines and substations must continue. At EPDOR, however, we are well aware this is not where the transformation activities should end and it was assuring to see the Electricity System 2020 Conference bore the same message, taking on setting the course for the future of the entire sector. What we call today a deviation from the norm is likely to become the norm in the future.
It is clear that future operation of the grid will be about finding a balance between a limited number of large energy sources capable of controlling the network, and a nearly infinite number of small, difficult-to-manage renewable energy components. In preparation for such future, it is necessary to think conceptually and strategically, and at EPDOR we are ready to support the transformation of transmission and distribution networks with our know how.