EPDOR’s strategy discussed and validated at the strategic meeting


With the end of the fiscal year approaching, the EPDOR board held the usual annual strategic meeting, which serves as a platform for the evaluation of the past year in terms of meeting business and company development goals, as well as an arena for a discussion regarding strategic priorities for the short- and mid-term horizon. 

In terms of topics, the main course of action, i.e. acitivities relating to the low-carbon transformation in the energy industry and transport, shall continue to be the crux of EPDOR's focus in the coming years. Alongside the green transformation in the heating industry and electromobility, hydrogen has been promoted among the main priorities for the following period. At EPDOR, we have been working extensively on the prospect of hydrogen energy with our partners and potential clients in recent months and we firmly believe we will be able to significantly advance the preparation of one of the pilot projects we are currently deliberating over. 

At the level of the company's parctical focus, there is a consensus that, in addition to consulting activities, EPDOR will continue to develop its own products and solutions and subsequently introduce them to the market through subsidiary companies, as it has already been the case with smart sensors for healthcare institutions and Sensowatch, and green charging solutions for electormobility and AGEMSYS Development.