EPDOR supports Malá křivoklátská run 2020


Some traditions cannot be subdued, even if a global pandemic tries its best. The Malá Křivoklátská Forest Run is a popular sporting event, which is slowly but surely treading towards its 50-year milestone since it was found, and despite the unfavorable circumstances that befell any such event, it will add a forty-eight a candle to its birthday cake this year. However, for obvious reasons, its format has been fundamentally changed. From the smallest athletes to seasoned matadors, competitors will complete the race individually and report their performances to the organizers in a digital way, specifically by sending a screenshot of their computer or phone screen documenting their route, personal time and general information about the competitor. In order to avoid crowding, this year's Malá Křivoklátská lasts for full 16 days, from the 31st of October until the 15th of November. We would like to hereby thank all the partners, sponsors and supporters of this great tradition, amongst whom we proudly include ourselves.