EPDOR supports Sokol Křivoklát and active leisure


Warm and sunny summer days are the perfect time for an outing in nature. We have a suggestion for the perfect place: visit Křivoklát, where unique natural and cultural landmarks await. The Křivoklát Sokol hall and the sports grounds "U Kolečka" host various sports and cultural events for the whole family to enjoy.

EPDOR has been proudly supporting the activities of Křivoklát's local Sokol club for many years. Supporting this organization, which encourages both children and adults to stay active while fostering cultural and community life in the town, is not only a fulfillment of our social responsibility but also holds a special place in our hearts.

Currently, the Křivoklát Sokol hall is undergoing extensive renovations (you can read about our support for the project HERE), set to be completed this August in time for the hall's 100th anniversary. On May 18th, "Kolečko Křivoklát" was officially opened in the U Kolečka area, offering excellent refreshments and a pleasant place to relax. For the latest news and upcoming events, visit the Sokol Křivoklát website (in Czech): sokolkrivoklat.cz/aktualne. We're confident that every visitor will find joy in the variety of activities available in the Křivoklát protected area, and leave with fond memories.

Lastly, a special mention must be made of the "Slet for Ukraine" fundraiser, initiated by the Budečská regional organization (župa Budečská), which the Sokol Křivoklát club (unit) is part of. Thanks to this fundraiser, a group of 100 girls from two Ukrainian units will participate in this year's All-Sokol gathering in Prague from June 30 to July 5. Czech Television has made a documentary about Sokol's support for Ukraine. A big thank you to everyone who supported the fundraiser!

Photo attribution: U Kolečka, Sokol hall (© TJ Sokol Křivoklát); Křivoklát castle; Křivoklát area (© borshop)