EPDOR will attend the Electromobility 2020 conference in October


Our activities in the field of sustainable mobility have increased significantly in the last two years. Currently, we are working on two projects related to electromobility and charging infrastructure and we plan to continue this trend. In order to fulfil this ambition, it is imperative we are able to navigate the dynamic sustainable mobility market, follow the technological progress and identify both current and nascent trends. The Electromobility 2020 conference organized by Economia and LEEF Technologies this October is a perfect opportunity to do so, and therefore we cannot miss out on it.

The conference will focus on upcoming trends, available vehicles, and technologies we are likely to encounter on the market in the following years. Furthermore, operating costs of electromobiles will be contrasted with those of the conventional vehicles, and the prospects of hydrogen will also be discussed. The question of public charging infrastructure development will also be on the menu, and the potentially harmful impact of the economic recession on the electromobility market will not be spared attention as well.