Grasping the future at the Future Port Prague 2019


On Tuesday, 09/10, and Wednesday 09/11, EPDOR attended the Future Port Prague 2019, Czech Republic's largest futuristic festival, to learn about the newest technological trends and breakthroughs and their impact on the economy, business, and society. At EPDOR, we believe that Fortune favours the bold and that it is important to constantly explore new opportunities and ways to improve our lives. That is why we applaud all the great speakers, presenters, exhibitors, and, of course, the organizers of the event who made it possible in the first place. FFP 2019 brought together tens of business leaders, executives, and influential personalities from all over the world, who were given platform to share their products and visionary ambitions. The conference and festival spanned a wide spectrum of themes, featuring, for example, the future of work, artificial intelligence, the future of learning, the future of privacy or the future of meat. Such events help us keep up with the pace in the field of innovation and, in turn, be able to help navigate our clients and address their needs with state-of-the-art solutions.