Marin Sindou-Faurie has concluded his internship at EPDOR


In the past few months, we have been honoured to have a young French prospect join our ranks and we are saddened to see him leave. Marin Sindou-Faurie, an engineering student from the EPF Ecole d'ingénieurs, joined EPDOR as an intern in early September and quickly became an important and valued member of the team. Working on a position of Junior Energy Industry Expert, he supported us on several projects, most notably ones dealing with the topics of agrivoltaics, energy efficiency, and smart buildings, providing valuable research and insights. Now that his internship came to its end, we sincerely hope it met Marin's expectations and shall help him in his future career. At the same time, we hope his experience at our company was not clouded over by the lockdown in Prague, hampering the « life » in the work-life balance imperative. We would hereby like to wish Marin all the best in his studies and future career. He proved to be a tremendous professional and we have no doubt he will be very successful one day!