Meet Sensowatch, EPDOR's specialist in IoT for Healthcare


Digitalization has been inevitably consuming the world around us, bringing numerous benefits and new opportunities along the way. In the sectors of industry and energy it has been one of the most significant trends recently, and we at EPDOR have also contributed to it having been tasked with digitalization-related project by our clients. The potential of digitalization does not, however, lie merely beyond the gates of factories and power plants. Rather, it is to be found across all industries. And since we have been aware of this potential quite intensely, we decided to expand our activities, in particular to Healthcare.

Our newly established specialized subsidiary Sensowatch provides systems for detecting emergencies in social and medical facilities. Modern wireless and contactless sensor technology monitors the safety and social comfort of clients and patients by monitoring the environment and alerting staff to potential problems such as falling to the ground, leaving the room at night, etc.). The technology used is robust, easily scalable and usable not only in the Czech Republic, but anywhere in the world. The technological partner of Sensowatch is the Pilsen company ZAT. Marek Paneš is in charge of managing Sensowatch.

Due to the risk of spreading Covid-19 or any other viral disease in this extremely vulnerable population, Sensowatch has also expanded its activities into academic research focused on preventing the spread of the disease.

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