RES proposal for establishing an Energy Community in the Mšené-lázně municipality


We have already introduced the first phase of the project in Mšené-lázně here, where you can find out more about the finished Local energy concept. The concept dealt with working out the specifics of the energy supply situation in the municipality and a subsequent evaluation of renewable energy sources (RES) that could be utilized in establishing an energy community. The RES proposed for the municipality included wind power, solar power, and municipal biomass. The key element of the proposal was an analysis of the possibilities of installing wind turbines in the municipality since the area has been found suitable on multiple occasions.

The EPDOR Innovation company reviewed the plan and recommended the best course of action in communicating the matter to the residents. The concept concluded with a chapter on Energy Communities which will be crucial to the municipality's future development.

Our thanks to everyone involved in the project!